Homelessness Info

The Reasons People are Homeless in Cookeville

The Nashville Coalition for the Homeless cites these major reasons for homelessness in Middle Tennessee:

Lack of Affordable Housing
The lack of affordable housing has been identified as the major factor contributing to homelessness in every major study of the issue conducted since 1986.
Physical Disability
Profound injuries, illness or birth defects; socially debilitating physical traits such as disfigurement, dental deficiencies or obesity.
Development Difficulties
Low IQ or traumatic head injury that hinders intellectual functioning.
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
A history of domestic violence, abuse, combat or catastrophic loss of family, among other causes.
Educational Deficiencies
The inability to read and write, lack of basic education skills or no high school diploma.
Learning Disabilities
Dyslexia, ADD and other disorders, which interfere with educational and life functioning.
Drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling and other addictions.
Severe Family Dysfunction
Abusive parents, broken homes, multiple residences or caregivers.
No Family or Significant Support System
Total lack of family support due to death, alienation, or institutionalized childhood.
Criminal History
The existence of a criminal record that seriously limits opportunity.
Limited Occupational Skill Set
The inability to do anything beyond the most basic manual labor.
Life Skill Deficiency
The inability to manage the most basic life functions such as hygiene, housing, transportation, finances and relationships.
Transportation Deficiencies
The inability to purchase, maintain, insure or legally drive a car or obtain transportation through public or private means.
Prior Long-Term Institutionalization
An extended stay in juvenile institutions, mental hospitals, prison or other institution.
Generational Poverty
Two or more generations dependent on public assistance or charity for basic living needs that has fostered an attitude of helplessness.