Homelessness Info

The Reasons People are Homeless in Cookeville

*Lack of Affordable Housing  *Physical Disability  *Development Difficulties  *Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder  *Educational Deficiencies  *Learning Disabilities *Addictions  *Severe Family Dysfunction  *No Family or Significant Support System  *Criminal History  *Limited Occupational Skill Set  *Life Skill Deficiency *Lack of Transportation *Prior Long-Term Institutionalization  *Generational Poverty
Each year the Cookeville Rescue Mission welcomes and cares for over 1,000 unique individuals. The average number of individuals in the Mission on any given day/night is close to 60 people.
In late January and early February 2019 the drop in climate temperature to below freezing levels prompted us to open a Warming Shelter to offer temporary relief to homeless individuals. Although all of the available bed space in the Mission was full, the Warming Shelter enabled more than 25 people to have access to a cot, 3 meals a day, and shelter from the cold.
The Warming Shelter will open any day that the temperature drops to 40 degrees.