Board of Directors

BRO. LARRY SELF - Marsh Chapel Pastor and Founder of Cookeville Rescue Mission
“Whatever we do, if we do it without compromising the gospel so that we can still earnestly say, ‘To God be the glory,’ then we’re on the right track.” Founded in 1976
KIM ENGLAND - Executive Director, October 2013
"God has to be at the forefront of any services that we provide because we feel strongly that you cannot walk alone. We all need God in our lives."  
C. DOW HARRIS - Chair, January 2015
Executive Director, Highlands Residential Services  
JOHN BELL - Past Chair, April 2014
Director, The CRMC Foundation
LISA MALONE - Post Chair, November 2011
Certified Public Accountant, Companion CPA Group, PC  
LUKE ELDRIDGE - Treasurer, April 2015
PATH Program Director, Plateau Mental Health and Youth Pastor at Engrafted Word Church  
BRANDON JONES - Secretary, January 2015
Averitt Express & Owner of Dr. Vinyl    
JACKIE FARRIS - Board Member, September 2013
Local Business Owner
Dr. CHET GENTRY, M.D. - Board Member, January 2015
Physician- Innovative Health Care  
ATTORNEY HOWIE ACUFF - Board Member, January 2015
Attorney at Law
KYM HERALD - Board Member, January 2016
Cummins Filtration, Engineer Aide
SALLY DIXON GRIMES - Board Member, April 2016
Bradmark Industries
James Gribble - Board Member, July 2016
TQI, Assembly Technician and Co-Founder of Freedom Ministries
Neal Marcum - Board Member, January 2017
Ministry Coordinator, Covenant Church