Board of Directors

LUKE ELDRIDGE - Vice President of Operations, AUGUST 2014
And he saith unto them,Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.      Matthew 4:19  
BRANDON JONES - Chair, January 2015
Dr. Vinyl  
DOW HARRIS - Post Chair/Secretary, January 2015
Executive Director of Highlands Residential Services
WILLIAM CLARK - Treasurer, January 2018
Accounting Firm of Cannon, Clark, Holman & Associates, PLLC  
DR. CHET GENTRY - Vice Chair, January 2015
Innovative Family Medical Center    
SHIRLEY MCDONALD - Board Member, January 2018
Retired Registered Nurse.  Works part time at Charles Stone.
JACKIE FARRIS - Board Member, September 2013
Local Business Owner
WILL ROBERTS - Board Member, January 2018
Will Roberts Pest Control  
ATTORNEY HOWIE ACUFF - Board Member, January 2015
Attorney at Law
KYM HERALD - Board Member, January 2016
Cummins Filtration, Engineer Aide
SALLY DIXON GRIMES - Board Member, April 2016
Bradmark Industries
JOHN BELL - Board Member, April 2014
Excutive Director of Cookeville Regional Charitable Foundation
NEAL MARCUM - Board Member, January 2017
Ministry Coordinator, Covenant Church