Our Response to COVID-19

Our Response to COVID-19

The expression, “When the going gets tough, the tough get going,” came to my mind the other day. I was blessed to see our staff and a handful of dedicated volunteers working hard to serve the hurting people coming through our doors at Cookeville Rescue Mission.

The need is greater than ever, and at the Mission “the tough” are giving time and energy to keep up with the men and women who come to the Mission during the COVID-19 pandemic.

For our Life Transformation men and women, and other shelter Guests, we’ve extended the number of nights they can stay with us indefinitely, so long as they don’t leave the premises and they observe all social distancing recommendations. New shelter Guests stay in a separate space in the Jefferson Center. As lost jobs lead to lost homes, I expect we’ll see even more hurting men, women and families coming to us for care.

We can keep our doors open and increase services because of the support of friends like you. In good times and bad.  And while COVID-19 has disrupted many of our plans and even daily life, we do need to move forward on one initiative… new industrial-grade washers and dryers.

 And right now, a group of our faithful donors are “getting tough” with a $2,600 challenge to help provide the additional funds we need to make this purchase possible. Your gift today will be matched dollar for dollar by this challenge fund, up to a total of $2,600. We’ve already have $1,500 toward this $10,000 project. If we achieve this 1:1 challenge, that’s another $5,200 toward our goal.

For years, we’ve made do in the Mission laundry with home-capacity washers and dryers. We do small loads, they’re inefficient for both time and energy, and are unreliable… breaking down in the middle of a load. 

As our ministry grows, the laundry center needs to grow with it. Plus with the contagious COVID-19 virus, the need for clean bedding and clean clothes for everyone is even more critical.

We hope this upgrade and expansion will also allow us to offer laundry services to people in need from the streets of Cookeville. And that gives us an opportunity to introduce the Mission’s services and share the compassionate love of God.

A gift of any amount will be doubled, to provide twice the impact!

I know with travel restrictions and social distancing, we can’t all serve, but many of us right now are still able to give to support others. That’s the challenge… to act now with another gift to help us at the Mission expand our laundry center to serve the ever-growing number of hurting people who need our help today.

Fear and despair often bring a person to examine the important decisions in life. At Cookeville Rescue Mission, we’re here to provide a hot meal, shelter, counseling, even education and job skills. And clean clothes! But more importantly we build relationships and help every hurting person see that faith in God can overcome the fear that’s natural to all of us.

While opportunities (and demand!) for our services skyrocket, we’re forced to work with reduced staff and almost no volunteers. Bless the hearts of those who are able to get here and help out… please pray for their strength and health as they work on the frontlines of this “invisible war.”

Please support the Mission with both your prayers and your continued giving in these difficult months. We can’t do what we do without friends like you. And if you’re able to send a special gift today, think of the encouragement that’ll bring to our staff. Think of twice the services we can provide because of the 1:1 challenge funds.

I hope and pray that you are well and in a safe place. Use this season wisely to count your blessings. And if you’re able to send a special gift today, I trust you’ll sense twice the joy in your giving, knowing you’ve done so much more.

In Christ,

Bruce Bailey

Executive Director

P.S. – While you may not be able to leave your home and visit with family or friends, I hope you sense the larger community of Cookeville Rescue Mission that counts on you to make our ministry possible… year-round, 365 days a year. In this special time, we’re blessed to have this special $2,600 challenge gift. I hope you can respond today with another gift.