Sarah Rodriguies

Sarah Rodriguies

The first time that I had ever heard about the Cookeville Rescue Mission was when I first started attending the Cookeville Church of the Nazarene after I first moved here from California. As time went by our church got plugged in with the mission and every fifth Sunday of the month and we would come have worship with everyone and have supper with them. 

After I graduated high school I traveled with a missionary group and that is mainly what led me to come to Cookeville, Tennessee. Traveling we lived out of one suitcase and that was it. We could have a suitcase and a small bag. During that time I learned that it was hard to live out of a suitcase but it was possible. It made me realize how much I have to be grateful for but how much of it I don't use or absolutely need. 

I volunteer at the mission because I want to be able to serve others

I volunteer at the mission because I want to be able to serve others the way we are called to and help to "seek the lost and equip the found" (Motto in the missionary group I was in). I want to be able to help others realize with my words and actions that no matter how low you have been there is always room for growth but you are forgiven and that God loves you no matter what you go through. Being able to sit down and get to know the residents here at a deeper level..well, you truly don't get that nowadays with others who haven't experienced such trial and tragedy. Everyone here is so forgiving and it is truly humbling to be able to stand beside everyone here and the many blessings that God has given them and seeing the change that they have had through all of that. Being able to help lead everyone into worship on Sundays is such a heartwarming opportunity but it is truly all God! 

I think that people should volunteer at the Mission because it's good to hear the struggles that people go through. I feel like some people are blindsided by it because of how they may have been raised but it is good to know the trials that life can bring to you and hear the testimonies of those living here. I can promise you that if you were to volunteer here then you would see what it is to have a community but most of all to have a family.