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Where Your Donation Goes

Cookeville Rescue Mission receives donations from members of the community, churches, and businesses. We do not receive any government funding. In addition to financial contributions, Cookeville Rescue Mission also receives non-perishable food items that are used in-house, as well as distributed to less fortunate members of the community and other organizations in need.

Sources of Revenue

Through the use of direct mail, as well as community events, Cookeville Rescue Mission generates capital to fund daily operations as well as future expansions. Cookeville Rescue Mission strives to make every donation reach its full potential by reducing costs associated with operations and by reducing waste in food service, thus ensuring financial sustainability for years to come.

Statistical Information

Avg Men Housed per Year
Avg Women Housed per Year
Avg Children Housed per Year
Avg Families Housed per Year
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Financial Audits

Organizational Chart

Board of Directors



Chairman of the Board
Brandon Jones
January 2015
Dr. Vinyl
Executive Director
Bruce Bailey
April 2018



Vice Chair
Chet Gentry, MD
January 2015
Innovative Family Medical Center
Post Chair/Secretary
Dow Harris
January 2015
Executive Director of Highlands Residential Services
William Clark
January 2018
Accounting Firm of Cannon, Clark, Holman & Associates, PLLC



Board Member
Jackie Farris
September 2013
Local Business Owner
Board Member
Howie Acuff, AAL
January 2015
Attorney at Law
Board Member
Bubba Winningham
February 2019
Principal Algood Middle School