“Hi, my name is Tracie. I am originally from Kansas. I've lived in Tennessee for about 30 years. I came to the Mission from McMinnville, TN after I quit my job due to a theft that occurred on a shift I was responsible for. So, I took the chicken's way out and didn't stand up for myself. Then, I couldn't afford my rent and lost my place to live. My struggle with alcohol escalated when my father died 23 years ago.


Coming to the Mission was big change for me. At first, I didn't think I belong here. I had the thought that, "I am not one of these people." However, it didn't take long for me to realize that "I am one of these people," Through Jesus, and the mission, I now see that it does not matter where we come from, but where we are going and it is my faith that is going to get me there.”

That was Tracie’s story two years ago.

Last September, Tracie underwent surgery for thyroid cancer. Today, she is a healthy, vibrant member of the Cookeville Rescue Mission staff.


Most days, Ms. Tracie can be found overseeing the women, children and families that come to the shelter. She helps them check in, explains the Mission’s policies, and reviews the different options they’ll have while here at the Mission, such as the 45 Day Emergency Shelter and the Life Transformation Program.


Tracie has blossomed in her faith and dependence on God and is dearly loved by everyone here at the Cookeville Rescue Mission.

Thank you God and thank you Ms. Tracie for sharing your story. Donors, your support helps make life change happen at the Cookeville Rescue Mission. If you would like to read more about others who are making changes here at the Mission, call us and request a copy of our latest newsletter: 931-528-5819.