After 30 rehabs, Robert found faith, hope and recovery at the Cookeville Rescue Mission. He started drinking at weekend parties when he was just 14 years old. This grew quickly from weekend to daily drinking. Still underage, it wasn't long before Robert quit school and went to work. "I needed more money for drinking," he says. Unable to cope with all of the emotional pain he was in, he ran away from home with no direction in mind.

Eventually he met a woman and they had two daughters. But his drinking resulted in divorce and he lost the rights to see his girls. His drinking became even worse. He was angry and mentally defeated.

Five years ago he was diagnosed with cancer. He thought that was the beginning of the end, but God had other plans. Seemingly the alcohol was in complete control of Robert's life, but he met a woman from Tennessee who brought him to Cookeville and enrolled him in a rehab facility. She then introduced him to the Cookeville Rescue Mission. That was over one year ago. Robert prayed, "for peace, contentment, joy and other things I had never known. These prayers have been answered." He joined our Life Transformation Program and has found new purpose in his life.

"God's plans are better than anything I can devise," he says with a smile.

Robert became a part of the facilities crew at the Mission, saying, "I didn't realize that all the trade skills I'd learned through the years would be put toward God's work. In my work here, I'm able to participate in the family of God and come alongside other people with struggles that are similar to mine." He has also regained a healthy relationship with his daughters!

Thank you God and thank you Robert for sharing your story. Donors, your support helps make life change happen at the Cookeville Rescue Mission. If you would like to read more about Robert or others who are making changes here at the Mission, call us and request a copy of our latest newsletter: 931-528-5819.