Moving 'Mike' Forward

Moving 'Mike' Forward

Want to join me in making a difference? I'm raising money to benefit Cookeville Rescue Mission, Inc., and any donation will help make an impact. Thanks in advance for your contribution to this cause which means so much to me.

Specifically, I am asking for support for 'Mike' and men like him who are trying to turn their lives around. Mike was born into addiction. His parents were alcoholics, and Mike came into the world with his foot where his knee should be, and his knee was in the hip position (congenital femoral deficiency). He started drinking early in life and by age 14, Mike was using hard drugs. “Home life was a mess, and I constantly got in trouble at school,” he says. “I was unmanageable, so I was placed in a boy’s ‘ranch.’ I continued to make bad choices and lived a life of turmoil.”

Twenty years ago, Mike accepted Christ into his life, but he slid back into addiction and trouble with the law. He satisfied conditions of parole in 2007, and after a few years found Cookeville Rescue Mission.

“I’ve been coming here off and on for 13 years! The Mission has saved my life,” Mike says. Until recently, he

moved from homeless camps to homeless camps. It was grueling, and Mike started to have problems with his leg. One day at the Mission, Mike made a huge choice. “I felt defeated, and I humbled myself and surrendered my life to God. It’s hard to explain, but a change came over me,” he says.

Mike is now in our Life Transformation program and will soon have a new prosthetic for his leg. He’s working on life skills that will enable him to live on his own, and his faith in God as Savior and Provider is growing daily... truly a NEW LIFE experience!

This fundraiser does not go to 'Mike' directly, it provides funds for the Rescue Mission to offer shelter, clothing, food, Christian counseling, and much more!